Kolej Pastoral

doktrinWelcome to Kolej Pastoral                               

  by Bishop Guy Sansaricq, Directeur

The purpose of the Kolej Pastoral is to give a solid biblical, doctrinal and spiritual formation to Parish Lay leaders.

It  is a program spanning over threes years which provides one hundred and thirty hours of instruction in Bible studies, doctrinal teachings, and spiritual and leadership formation to adult students. Two weekend retreats in a suburban retreat house are considered an integral part of the program.

The purpose of the week-ends is to emphasize the fact that Christianity is not simply a philosophy, a set of teachings, but it is a life, therefore members of the Kolèj need to experience conversion through confession and prayer.  Christianity is a communal experience.  The students must have fellowship with one another.  The week-end involves some instruction but much group sharing and prayers.

Bishop Guy Sansaricq
Director General