Panorama of The Haitian National Conventions

               Convention’s Purpose

The annual conventions are an opportunity for leaders in the different communities throughout the United States, Canada and Haiti to come together to exchange their best practices in evangelization as well as share the problems they encounter in their ministry, parishes and or dioceses.

 Year #28,  CONVENTION OF 2010
 Date : June, 11-13, 2010
 Place : University Hofstra, Hempstead, LI
 Main Speakers : Rev. Wismick Jean Charles, Keynote, Allan Figueroa Deck, Dr. Yves R. Michel, Dr Pope Davis, Dr Rodrigue Mortel
 Haitian Bishop : Bishop Guy Sansaricq
 Main Focus : “Common Priesthood of the People vs. Ministerial Priesthood” – “Distenge ant Sasèdòs Pè yo ak layik yo”
 Decisions : Intensify the working relationship of priests and lay people.
 Youth Program :

 Year #27,  CONVENTION OF 2009
 Date : June, 5-7, 2009
 Place : University Barry, Miami, FL
 Main Speakers : Rev. Reginald Jean-Marie, Dr. Fontus, Dr. Rose Thevenin, Dr Gold Delva
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : “Embrace Christ’s Mission of Mercy like St Paul”
 Decisions : Persist in our current efforts of expanding outreach.
 Youth Program : Sr. Joanna Okereke; Johnny Young; Maxo Jouissaint

 Year #26,  CONVENTION OF 2008
 Date : June, 20-22, 2008
 Place : Merrimack College, Boston, MA
 Main Speakers : Rev. Gaetan Boursiquot; Dr. M. Shawn Copeland; Rev. Allan Figueroa Desk
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : “Journey Together to Build the body of Christ”
 Decisions : “Mache Ansanm Pou Bati Kò Kris la”
 Youth Program : Sr. Joanna Okereke; Johnny Young; Monsignor Ray East; Ms arilyn Santos; Karine Dunel; Rev. Rocco Danzi; Mrs. Gertha Dabady.

 Year #25,  CONVENTION OF 2007
 Date : June, 15-17, 2007
 Place : La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA
 Main Speakers : Bishop Chibly Langlois
 Haitian Bishop : Most Rev. Chibly Langlois
 Main Focus : NOT available
 Decisions : Intensify the networking process and foster lay Formation
 Youth Program :

 Year #24,  CONVENTION OF 2006
 Date : June, 9-11, 2006
 Place : St. John’s University, Queens, NY
 Main Speakers : Bishop Pierre Andre Dumas: Ms. Cecile Motus p; Bob Keeler
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : “New Evangelization of the Haitian Faithful in a Multicultural Church.”
 Decisions : Share locally information received; follow-up; networking; orientation for clergy coming from Haiti.
 Youth Program :

 Year #23,  CONVENTION OF 2005
 Date : June, 10-12, 2005
 Place : Marymount University, Arlington, VA
 Main Speakers : Bishop Willy Romelus; Rev. Cyprian Davis; Dr. Marie Marcelle Buteau Racine; Dr. Francois Pierre Louis
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : “One Bread, One Body, One Fellowship.”
 Decisions : To function as one body: networking
 Youth Program :

 Year #22,  CONVENTION OF 2004
 Date : June, 4-6, 2004
 Place : Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ
 Main Speakers : Archbishop Francois Gayot; Rev. Jomanas Eustache, Rev. Yves Touzin
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : “The Family, pillar of society.”
 Decisions : Family support groups; preferential assistance; Youth services.
 Youth Program :

 Year #21,  CONVENTION OF 2003
 Date : June, 13-15, 2003
 Place : Stonehill College, Easton, MA
 Main Speakers : Bishop Pierre Dumas; Rev. Msgr. Robert Dealey; Guilaume Garilus, Irnel Stephen
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : Haitian Family and Sacrament of Marriage.”
 Decisions : Complex subjects, need follow up.
 Youth Program :

 Year #20,  CONVENTION OF 2002
 Date : June, 14-16, 2002
 Place : La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA
 Main Speakers : Bishop Pierre Antoine Paulo; Professor Joseph Augustin
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : “Eucharist: Bread of Life for a Strong Community”
 Decisions : More unity; new commitment to objective of the Haitian Apostolate.
 Youth Program :

 Year #19,  CONVENTION OF 2001
 Date : June, 15-17, 2001
 Place : Huntington, LI, NY
 Main Speakers : Archbishop Francois Gayot; Dr. Carole Berotte, Dr. Francois Pierre-Louis
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : “Rediscover Your Baptism and its Demands.”
 Decisions : Need for continuing formation; Use of Creole; encourage music composers and creation of local formation centers.



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 Year #18,  CONVENTION OF 2000
 Date : June, 2-4, 2000
 Place : Barry University, Miami, FL
 Main Speakers : Bishop Hubert Constant; George Fouron; Bishop Wenski
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : “Men nan Men Ann Rantre Nan Fet la”
 Decisions : Better organization greater unity, intensified fellowship
 Youth Program :

 Year #17,  CONVENTION OF 1999
 Date : June, 11-13, 1999
 Place : St. Thomas Aquinas, Sparkhill, NY
 Main Speakers : Bishop Louis Kebreau; Peter Zendzian
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : “One Father for All”
 Decisions : Need for dialogue, formation, cooperation
 Youth Program :

 Year #16,  CONVENTION OF 1998
 Date : June, 5-7, 1998
 Place : Seton Hall U. South Orange, NJ
 Main Speakers : Most Rev. Pierre Dumas
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : “Let the Spirit Empower You”
 Decisions : Commitment to support one another and the National Center
 Youth Program :

 Year #15,  CONVENTION OF 1997
 Date : June, 5-7, 1997
 Place : La Salle U., Philadelphia, PA
 Main Speakers : Bishop Petion Laroche
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : Evangelization and Leadership Development
 Decisions : Building the community and support for National Center
 Youth Program :

 Year #14,  CONVENTION OF 1996
 Date : June, 6-8, 1996
 Place : Espousal Center, Waltham, MA
 Main Speakers : NOT available
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : How to integrate service and prayer
 Decisions : Bring in Haitian religious community
 Youth Program :

 Year #13,  CONVENTION OF 1995
 Date : June, 8-10, 1995
 Place : CW Post, Brookville, L.I., NY
 Main Speakers : Rev. William Smarth; Rev. J. Malagreca
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : Realities to help the process of evangelization; new catechism.
 Decisions :
 Youth Program :

 Year #12,  CONVENTION OF 1994
 Date : June, 12-14, 1994
 Place : Barry University, Miami, FL
 Main Speakers : Sr. Leace King; Rev. J. Morin; Ms. Sheryl Lyttle, Esq. Rev. Freud Jean
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : Factors that lead Haitian away from Church Split between Haitian populating and church hierarchy.
 Decisions : New evangelization, conversion, formation, Information
 Youth Program :

 Year #11,  CONVENTION OF 1993
 Date : June, 3-5, 1993
 Place : C.Y.O. Kearny, NJ
 Main Speakers : Rev. Micial Nerestant; Mrs. Edwige Crevecoeur Bryant
 Haitian Bishop :
 Main Focus : Haitian Realities and Apostolate, Haitian Youth in the USA
 Decisions : Urgency to use modern communicattion technologies such as: radio, television, newsletter, etc.
 Youth Program :

 Year #10,  CONVENTION OF 1992
 Date : May, 28-30, 1992
 Place : Regis College, Weston, MA
 Main Speakers : Rev. Fritz Wolff; Prof. Laennec Hurbon
 Haitian Bishop : Bishop W. Romelus
 Main Focus : Methods of new evangelization & role of voodoo in our culture.
 Decisions : Letter of concerns to Haitian bishops regarding political situation
 Youth Program :

 Year #9,  CONVENTION OF 1991
 Date : May, 2-4, 1991
 Place : Marian Conference Center, Washington, DC
 Main Speakers : Rev. William Smarth; Prof. Laennec Hurbon
 Haitian Bishop : Most Rev. Alix Verrier
 Main Focus : Enculturation
 Decisions : Formation of Committees to work with the different dioceses on the new evangelization programs.
 Youth Program :